Intensive with John Lindo & Jessica McCurdy (Cox)

"We learn so many different techniques and fundamentals from all kinds of amazingly talented people. That is what makes this dance so wonderful! So what happens when you go dancing... analysis paralysis?! It happens. Every skill you’ve practiced and every style you’ve learned comes to mind and it becomes tough to navigate through those thoughts. We will provide some amazing tricks to help you get out of your head and onto the floor with confidence.


Learn how to prioritize the fundamentals that are important to you and have FUN in every single dance. Find YOU in the learning process and enjoy your time on both the social and competition floor!"

- Jessica McCurdy (Cox) & John Lindo

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Session 1:

Session 2:

Thursday, 7-9 pm

Friday, 1-3 pm

You can come to a single session or both!

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