Intensive with Robert Royston

By popular demand, Royston is BACK with more wisdom to share! Come spend 3 hours in an intimate setting to get deeper into your swing dancing.

This year's topic?

2 techniques everyone should perfect and patterns to practice them!

"Swing is my passion and it always has been. I work very hard to make events I’m involved with better by helping in any way I can. I have often said to event directors “I’m here for you! What do you need me to do?” But the thing I’m the proudest of when it comes to my swing career, is that tens of thousands of people have seen west coast swing because of projects I have created and produced spotlighting the dance and our dancers, as in Love n’ Dancing, stepping aside and letting others be the stars of the show! I believe the more stars we can create in the sport of WCS, the bigger it will get and the more public awareness of what we do will occur. I want the world to see us and want to join us. My favorite personal quote: Couples dancing is about two people putting movement to music to create an emotion, so let’s all share that emotion."

-WDSC Hall of Fame

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